Our Mission

Karakoram is a global award-winning developmental innovation consultancy that mixes engineering, design and strategy to build solutions for the world's toughest challenges.

We use rapid prototyping and Agile production methods to create everything from physical and digital platforms, organizational design, and experimental policy, with a focus on solving problems within Third Sector, NGO's, and governments.

Karakoram was born as the 'Developmental Innovation Group' within Glorious Labs, a hardware VR company based in London and Singapore that was named the UN Development Program (UNDP)'s 'Innovation Partner of Record' throughout Asia/Pacific in 2015. In 2020, due to the increase in innovation and developmental innovation challenges caused by COVID-19, Karakoram was formally split off into an independent entity with a core remit to focus on solving technical innovation challenges around the world.

improve access

Innovation is not a zero-sum game. The more people with access to resources, the better.

increase diversity

Differing perspectives build value and provide a competitive advantage.

do good

Economic motives should be used to support positive changes in society and environment.

We differentiate ourself by focusing on developing solutions in-country, on the ground, and in partnership with the people most impacted by the challenges. Through empathetic listening with local communities and with rapid iterative prototyping, we solve problems faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than traditional consultancies.

Our Awards:

UNDP Global Innovator Award
UNDP Innovation in Sustainable Agriculture Award